Consulting, Training, Risk Assessments, and Audits

VSOS analysts have been securing Ports, Vessels, and Offshore Drilling Platforms since 2004.

As a VSOS client, you have access to a team of highly insightful analysts who will provide the security solution in demand. Their comprehensive knowledge and expertise will bring clarity and confidence to strategic decision making. As piracy and maritime terrorism plague the world’s waters, VSOS continues ensuring impermeable protection wherever safety is compromised.

 Our Services:

  • Anti-piracy and maritime terrorism auditing
  • Port Security: counter-terrorism and crime prevention auditing
  • Port Security: deployment of Intel Officers
  • Oil platform security assessments
  • Crisis & Risk Management
  • ISPS Code awareness seminars
  • Rescue and salvage of vessels and cargo
  • Sourcing and installation of specialized security technologies

VSOS understands the time constraints of the maritime industry, so we are also offering our security solutions via Skype. Our analysts are contacting clientele worldwide using video conferencing technology. This new-age approach to the delivery of consultations and coaching, has proven itself an invaluable tool. Now, a direct link between our highly experienced analysts and Bridge Officers around the world, is just a click away. VSOS aims to pass on the wealth of sector knowledge accumulated over years of experience. We are dedicated to making our shared work environment, a safer place for all.  Contact us now for a secure solution.