K-9 Security for Maritime Vessels

We provide professional K-9 teams for the security of ships, boats, and yachts – either where weapons cannot be used, or as part of bolstering an existing security lineup. The dogs are a defensive tool with significant deterrence capabilities, as they provide an element most assailants do not know how to handle. Their heightened senses of smell and hearing enable them to detect an approaching threat before it becomes an imminent one.

Should a vessel come under attack, dogs can be used to neutralize the assailant independently – they are trained to do so within seconds – leaving the security guards free of having to engage the assailant directly and giving them an advantage in containing the situation.

In cases involving multiple assailants, a dog can engage one of them, affording the security team a significant advantage in containing the others and controlling the situation.

Operating K-9 security teams as part of a vessel’s security lineup affords the crew an increased sense of security for the duration of the sail, as well as significantly improves the security team’s ability to deal with various threats.

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