Fishing Vessels

VSOS provides security support services for Fishing vessels operating in high risk areas of the Indian Ocean.

Securing fishing vessels often require security teams trained for extended missions, and familiar with the area and with counter-piracy techniques. Our teams enable fishing vessel to safely and efficiently exploit fishing areas, regardless of threats by deterring potential aggressors. Our operational services include on-board armed or unarmed maritime security team of Security Ship Officers (SSO), experienced with extended offshore  missions.

Maritime Security Equipment

  • Our teams carry licensed firearms and Non Lethal Weapons (NLW) as required
  • Observation gear including day/night vision systems
  • Bridge security mission kit
  • Vessel security mission kit

Maritime Security Support

  • Quick responding RV point
  • SSO Assistance at bridge
  • Ex-naval bridge officers are available for vessel delivery, transit and rescue missions
  • Consultancy, delivery and installation of security equipment

Operational Conduct

Our security teams embark and disembark at locations selected by the customer, with minimal disruption to the vessel’s schedule. Our teams come with all necessary equipment and are certified to carry licensed firearms. They also carry non-lethal weapons, and deploy with communications, observation and medical kits. Our security team maintains continuous watch and remains alert throughout the transit, supported by regular updates dispatched from our operations center and from local authorities providing early warning of possible threats.