Escort/Patrol Vessels

VSOS has the capability to provide armed/un-armed escort and patrol vessels. Our substantial and diverse client base know how effective and advantageous this fleet proves in operation.

Patrol/Escort Fleet Services:

  • Security services for vessels approaching and departing ports
  • Providing patrol vessels for anchorage sites
  • Providing patrol vessels for oil/gas platforms
  • Operations in coordination with government agencies to suppress illegal fishing
  • Operations in coordination with local anti-drug agencies (more about our K-9 units)
  • Providing patrol vessels for private marinas
  • Providing armed/un-armed escort for tug boat operations
  • Providing armed/un-armed escort for yachts/mega-yachts when an on-board security presence is undesired.

VSOS’s patrol/escort vessels provide the extra edge as we intercept threats long before they pose danger to our clients. Security is our business and we are committed to providing every possible edge to best protect our clientele. VSOS will continue to ensure our clients have industry leading solutions.