Armed/Un-Armed – Task Forces

VSOS will provide the security demanded when facing today’s threats.

Our highly experienced personnel operate worldwide and specialize in anti-piracy operations. All of our operatives are extensively trained in high-intensity military operations with exemplary military records. Our personnel are industry qualified with comprehensive knowledge of maritime regulations, including a Code of Conduct fully compliant with International Law. They are all qualified Ship Security Officers (SSO), and in Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW-95). ALL are certified seamen.

VSOS understands the necessity to custom-tailor services for our client’s particular needs. Our skillful analysts have the in-depth assessments to best advance your anti-piracy and maritime terrorism protection plans. From the first assessment to the arrival of our Task Forces, VSOS will provide the solution and ensure a safe voyage.

Task Force Equipment

Our Task Force Operators are equipped with the latest lethal / non-lethal weaponry and state of the art technology. All can be custom tailored to best apply to the threat level and flag-state regulations.


  • Assault Rifles (fitted with modifications for optimal utilization at sea) (5.56mm)
    –¬†Surefire Flashlights
    – Bi-Pods
    – Day Scopes and 3rd Generation Night Optics
    РLong range lasers (for coordinating effective fire at night/non-lethal deterrent)
  • Light Machine Guns (also modified for optimal utilization at sea) (5.56mm)
  • Heavy Machine Guns (7.62mm)
  • Sniper Rifles (.308 Winchester)
  • Shotguns with lethal and non-lethal ammunition (12-gauge & bean-bag/pepper ball rounds)
Personal Gear
  • Bullet Proof Vests (provided for BRIDGE OFFICERS as well)
  • Helmets and Eye Protection
  • Mounted Helmet Cameras
  • Night Vision Goggles (3rd Generation)
  • Radios fitted with PTT mics and ear pieces
  • Flare Launchers (sometimes non-lethal deterrent to piracy)
  • Fully stocked First Aid Kit (Combat Medics are integrated into our Task Forces)

VSOS has a variety of surveillance systems (Day, Night, Thermal) and piracy deterrents (Dummies, Razor Wire) available for installation; we will find the right solution for your security needs.

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